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Love My Pet Wellness Plans - Puppies & Kittens

for Puppies & Kittens

Love My Pet Wellness Plans - Adult Dogs & Cats

for Adult Dogs & Cats

Love My Pet Wellness Plans - Senior Dogs & Cats

for Senior Dogs & Cats

Our wellness plans provide pet owners with peace of mind. Be confident that you are providing the best in preventive medicine for your pet to stay healthy and happy.

the Path to a Long, Healthy Life

Love My Pet Wellness Plans include the examinations, services, and diagnostics that provide the most comprehensive wellness care and early disease detection for your pet at every stage of life, from the time they are a puppy or kitten through the senior years. Treats and toys aside, a wellness plan is the best gift you can give your beloved pet!

For a Happy, Healthy Pet
preventive medicine
preventive medicine
Love My Pet Wellness Plans ensure that your pet receives the care needed to stay healthy and to proactively prevent and/or detect diseases earlier.
monthly payments
monthly payments
Love My Pet Wellness Plans help you manage your veterinary costs by breaking them down into monthly payments.
optimal pet care
optimal pet care
Love My Pet Wellness Plans are differentiated for each life stage to ensure your pet's care is never compromised. We provide optimal care for every life stage.
veterinary discounts
veterinary discounts
With Love My Pet Wellness Plans, all plan services are discounted. We even throw in a 10% discount on services outside the plan to ensure you can afford the best healthcare for your pet.

Why Choose a Love My Pet Wellness Plan?

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