Understanding what’s to love about Love My Pet Wellness Plans
just got easier with our latest video!

Love My Pet Wellness Plans are like an instruction manual for pet owners.

Okay we’ll admit it, there is no such thing as an instruction manual for dogs or cats. However, when you have a Love My Pet Wellness Plan, your pet’s healthcare can be as effortless as written instructions.

How Love My Pet Wellness Plans Simplify Your Life:

  • No guesswork. No need to wonder if your pet is receiving the care he or she needs when all his or her preventive care is carefully planned and pre-paid with a Love My Pet Wellness Plan!
  • No mind-boggling budget. Love My Pet Wellness Plans take your pet’s preventive care appointments for vaccinations, routine checkups, parasite prevention, and health screenings and divide the cost into monthly payments.
  • No wondering about your pet’s health. With a Love My Pet Wellness Plan, you also gain access to your veterinarian for extra consultations or exams. This way, you never have to leave any of your pet’s health concerns to chance…or to the mercy of a web search.
  • No breaking the bank. Wellness plans are not insurance. However, if your pet needs a surgery or has an emergency, a Love My Pet Wellness Plan also entitles you to a discount on your veterinary bill.

Give your pets the best with Love My Pet Wellness Plans!

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